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Well. Here I am, writing my very first blog. If you had told me 3 years ago that Andrew & I would be   running our own business, I would have laughed out loud and called you daft!

So, how did we get here? Of course, it seemed a natural progression for Andrew as he has been a Chef for, like, ever but I had moved away from Hospitality 20 something years ago and spent the whole of that time building a career in the Social Care & Health Field.

We had talked over the years of maybe managing a pub or restaurant, but the 24/7 lifestyle wasn’t the environment we wanted to bring young children up in. I had always had this little dream of running a quaint little tea room, we visited one up in Durham many years ago with cute china cups and quirky furnishings and I said to Andrew I would love something like this !

However, it wasn’t really a serious proposal and we carried on with our day jobs – until March 2018.

We were very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Andrew & his friend Lee had been half looking for somewhere to start up a café/restaurant and, lucky for us, Lee became aware that our premises, trading as The Mockingbird Deli at the time, was up for sale.  Lots of discussions and umming and aahing went on and then the deal was done.

I fell in love with the place, it was quirky, cosy and welcoming- complete with china cups!

We started off continuing to trade as the Mockingbird Deli, but decided fairly quickly we needed to put our stamp on the place so rebranded as Sadlers in May 2018, complete with fresh colours and new flooring.  We have, however kept much of the original style of the place and continue to add our own quirkiness to it.

Andrew set to work re-establishing a Bistro menu at the weekends, he is at his happiest serving fine dining dishes and now has the freedom to play about with his own menu as he pleases.

So – during the day, I get to run my little café and weekend evenings Andrew gets to showcase his cooking skills. Even better, we are able to achieve a work life balance that wasn’t possible for us previously. Do I have any regrets ? No – just that maybe we should have taken the plunge sooner.

Jenny Sadler 10.11.20


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